What is Boy in The Bubble?

339A76F3-9C71-442E-9756-8D3B9286C009The intention is to firstly help us to gain some understanding of ourselves and also some practical tools and strategies that can help us to live an authentic and connected life in what is essentially, an unauthentic and disconnected world.


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Secondly, it’s a commitment to creating a new kind of community of men that are willing to live ‘outside of the bubble’. Committed to learning to encounter the risk and inherent challenges that accompany living with an un-armoured heart and mind. Helping us to identify and then, turn destructive patterns of behaviour into constructive and healthy alternatives.


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More often than not, it is the deep unconscious wounds and un-released hurt, combined with an early life environment of anger, neglect, repression and frozen emotions, that are the source of the poor strategies that quietly go on sabotaging our natural state of well being and health.




The methods and techniques that Marc and Roberto employ are as diverse as they are unconventional. In the workshops and retreats, they bring together their combined skills and training to create an environment where men get to safely revisit early childhood conditioning, the repressed hurt and fear, in a way that allows us to create a completely new relationship with our pain. Combining a spectrum of methods that work on three levels.

The conscious mind. The unconscious mind. The primal body or innate life energy.


freedomSimply mentally ‘understanding’ why we feel and act the way we do, is not in itself enough to generate the real transformation and permanent change in Quality of life. So the focus is first on the conscious level. This includes self-enquiry, reflective listening, authentic and non-violent communication. Then at the unconscious level, using NLP, Hypnosis, Deep visualisation and Meditation techniques. And thirdly, on the energetic level, using our innate primal energies which are laughter, crying, catharsis, breath and voice work.

cropped-102134029-bubble-burst.jpgTogether these methods create a breakthrough platform, a launch pad to take the new strategies learned, the insights gained as well as redirected neural pathways and newly released energy, and begin to integrate them into a new way of living. Developing a new relationship with both the inner and outer worlds. Creating a life of health, creativity and fulfillment.