About Marc and Roberto


Marc Itzler

Marc Itzler is a professional writer, blogger, speaker and educator, specialising in the areas of Personal Development, Inner Well-Being, Meditation and Spirituality. He also regularly runs retreats, workshops and trainings around the world, designed to assist in both the healing of deep seated trauma and helping participants to gain an understanding of how un-healed pain and wounding can effect our adult lives. As a writer, he assists life coaches, well being practitioners and teachers to articulate and clarify their message and vision.





Roberto Milani

Roberto Milani is a multi-discipline coach, guide and practitioner. His extensive training and practice over many years has brought recovery and healing to countless individuals. From addictions, grief, abuse and neglect, to facing disease and even death itself, Roberto draws upon the experience of his own story of  survival and recovery, to provide not just coaching, healing and support, but a true wisdom and empathy that can only be born out of  personal experience. He usues a combination of techniques including Hypnosis, Bodywork, NLP, Reiki/Nexus, and he is the author of the audio course ‘Somethings’ Missing’. He works one to one with individuals and also  runs workshops, courses and retreats.

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