man under itIt’s not always easy, being a Man.

The demands and expectations of modern life can leave us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and confused. Stuck in this rut, we can end up feeling depressed and frustrated, easily annoyed and over sensitive. And of course we take it out on those we love most, leading to more conflict, more isolation, more reasons to feel unhappy and alone. And this is where we live. Like a boy in a bubble.

shutterstock_267570392The good news is, we can change it! We can re-gain our energy and our inspiration. We can re-connect to the people who mean most to us and we can learn to make decisions and choices that bring us more fulfilment, more health, more happiness and more contentment. We can ‘Pop the Bubble!’ 

“Why should I pop my bubble? Life is not that bad is it?”

Because instinctively, we know that as men, if we are not challenged, then we’re not growing! Somewhere deep inside, we know that we are not fulfilling our potential. And that hurts!

Bubble infographicSo we unconsciously develop a bubble made up of strategies, behaviours and defences to protect ourselves from that pain. To silence the nagging realisation that there must be more to life than this! We do anything and everything to avoid looking at our lives. This shows up as things like addictions to drink, drugs, food, sex and even work!  It shows up as self-sabotage, self-destructive behaviours and eventually, it shows up as disease. If we don’t pop our bubble and step into a new way of living, with the tools and skills to handle the challenge, then life will soon enough pop it for us, when we are least prepared and ready.

Days One and Two: – Boy In The Bubble. 

A two- day  group workshop experience, cropped-boy-in-bubble2.jpgintroducing participants to the process as a whole, focusing on enquiry into how we have created strategies to manage our inner world and how they are impacting on our lives today. It will involve a series of exercises, rituals, discussion and presentations that will effectively build trust in our own capacities,  a trust in the process and in Marc and Roberto as leaders. This phase will include various techniques including reflective listening, self -enquiry, writing, Hypnosis, visualisations, elements of NLP, Reiki, Active Meditations and Huna healing rituals.

thumbnailDays Three to Eight: – Reveal, Release, Recover. 

In this six day phase, we begin the actual healing. structured around our deepest primal energies, we begin to access a place beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond the conscious mind. A place where we reveal to ourselves, the hidden roots, the very source of the early wounds and repression that go on negatively affecting every part of our lives. Here, we are reminded what it feels like to live with joy, with wonder, with trust. It re-ignites our spontaneity, our curiosity.  Re-connecting with our inner child.

In this liberated state, the energy blocks held in our bodies begin to break down. The frozen child begins to thaw. We feel a new courage, a rebellious determination to experience ourselves as something beyond the constant, controlling thoughts and judgmental voices in our serious adult heads. Over this first few days, things start to shift. Feelings emerge, memories surface. The doorway to our inner field of healing is  opened. Now we’re ready to step through this doorway into the second stage, three days of exploring and connecting with our hidden inner wounds. Now, we create a completely new relationship with our pain, consciously inviting it. As we weep, laugh and chant together, our old festering wounds are cleansed and dissolved, as we reveal, release and heal. The rest of the daily schedule outside of the main sessions includes active morning meditations, evening sessions and sharing,  but a lot of free time will be left for contemplation, walking and rest.

freedomDay Nine: – From Rage to Compassion, From Victimhood to True Power. 

Having experienced the breakthroughs and insights from the previous two stages, we are guided through a process of discovering how to handle and direct the new energies alive within us and to bring a greater level of awareness to our connections and relationships and to a new way of living in the world outside of the bubble. Learning how to take life less personally, less seriously and ultimately, to release ourselves from victimhood and suffering.  After completing all three stages, there will also be an ongoing support system including online meetings and a community to consolidate and integrate the learning and methods received. You will become part of the fellowship and brotherhood of men who have decided to live outside of the bubble.